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Here you'll find information on Hadar's:

  • Summer beit midrash: June 10 - August 4, 2018
  • Year program: October, 2018 - April, 2019

Yeshivat Hadar’s two flagship programs - the summer beit midrash and year fellowship - are a unique opportunity for a select group of young, Jewish students and professionals to live in a Jewish community that combines the intellectual openness of academic study with the personal and spiritual rigor of yeshiva life. Participating in immersive study at Hadar is a unique investment in your Jewish identity, one that will enrich and guide your Jewish life for decades to come. In a summer or year at Hadar, students gain:

  • the skills to independently approach the classic texts of Torah
  • a mature, intellectually rigorous approach to the fundamental questions of Jewish life
  • broad knowledge of Jewish content - both practical and intellectual
  • spiritual and personal growth that comes from tefillah, Hesed, and shared communal life
  • for the year - real work experience as an educator and communicator, with extensive mentorship and responsibility

Part of the power of Hadar is the integrated, holistic aspect of life and study here. Hadar students and faculty daven together, share meals, study together, visit the sick together, and sing together. Those activities are not independent - our learning takes on the personal and soulful tones of davening, and our commitment to compassion to the elderly informs conversations within the yeshiva’s walls. Being a member of the Hadar community is not just about your time in the beit midrash; it’s a way of life for a summer or year.

Over the past ten years, more than five hundred students have studied at Hadar, and are now pursuing careers in fields from medicine to economics, social work, and Jewish education. Hadar isn’t just about a summer or a year; it’s about joining a community that is working to create a new kind of Jewish community, one that will welcome you as a colleague and friend in the fullest modes of Jewish life. For more detailed information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.