Spring Learning Seminar
Spring Learning Seminar

Spring Learning Seminar

The Spring Learning Seminar will return in 2018. We look forward to learning with you then.

At our Spring Learning Seminar we will spend a week focusing on core issues in Jewish prayer as seen through traditional texts and music.

This seminar will offer a week of Beit Midrash learning on the deeper meaning of Jewish prayer and will be marked by an opportunity for intensive text study in a supportive environment (all learning levels are welcome).

The week is intended for those looking to engage in serious text study. There will also be an optional track for those interested in bringing these lessons back to a summer camp environment, taught by staff at Hadar and the Ramah Camping Movement.

Individual cost is $250. If a Camp sends two staff members, the cost for each is $180 and if the Camp sends three or more, it is $150 per person. Scholarships are available.


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Cancellation Policy:  Before April 15, 75% refunds are available. Between April 15 and April 30, 50% refunds are available. After April 30, we are sorry but we cannot refund payments. If in the future you would like to attend a weeklong seminar, we are able to put 50% of your paid tuition to that seminar when you apply. Please note that refunds may take up to two weeks to process. We appreciate your patience.