What happens if I don't believe the words that I pray? Can I still say them? Hadar offers a unique approach to prayers: the literay intertext model. Learn more about this here.
Fifty years ago, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote: "Few of us seem to realize how insidious, how radical, how universal an evil racism is. Few of us realize that racism is man’s gravest threat to man, the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason, the maximum of cruelty for a minimum of thinking...
What do some of the great Jewish philosophers say about God, prayer and covenant? Find out that and more in this collection.
נפלה בחלקי הזכות ונתבקשתי לכתוב את דברי התורה השבועיים של מכון הדר השנה. במוקד עיוני יעמדו מערכות יחסים, הקולות שבין השורות, (הלבן שבין השחור אם תרצו) ומה אלו מספרים לנו. עוד, תעסיק אותי כמובן הדמות המרכזית: אלוהים. כלי עזר בסיסי יהיה הקשבה זהירה ושימת לב למילים, ועל פי רוב...
What does God demand of us? In what ways does God react to human beings? This collection deals with the interplay and covenant between people and the Divine.
During our annual summer beit midrash program at Yeshivat Hadar, we host a Yom Iyun (Day of Learning) on a particular topic, open to the public. In 2013, the topic was Boundaries: Jews and the Other. You can see and listen to the classes here.
How is it halakhically justifiable that men and women can pray together? This is one of Mechon Hadar's founding principles and you can learn all about it in this collection.
Join the inaugural symposium in memory of Avi Schaefer for discussions of Jews and their relationship to power, perspectives from Jewish law, ethics, history and theology. Recordings from Janurary 2014.
Here you'll find recording from Hadar's First National Shabbaton, as well as the events leading up to it! Thank you for celebrating our 10 years with us.
In Our Lives and in Our Communities. Join us as we embark on a search for God—we will draw upon how Jews have searched for God in the past to learn about how we might search for God in the present. Over the course of a day, we will deepen our understanding of how Judaism imagines we might be...
Privacy, Connection, and the Spiritual Life. Listen to shiurim from our faculty, recorded live at our Summer Yom Iyyun, 2015 on various topics related to the intersection of Judaism and technology.
Do I have to believe in God? Is doubt okay? This collection deals with fundamental theological questions.